Top Beauty Tips for Teenagers

Teenage is the phase when the hormones levels in the body rise and it undergoes various physiological changes. Lot of teenagers, thus, suffer from acne, pimple, whiteheads and blackheads etc. during their puberty. This can be easily cured with proper care because it is only a temporary problem. Here are some beauty tips for teenagers which will naturally keep the skin healthy and glowing:1. Always use products intended for the type of your skin. Skin types can be classified into dry skin, combination skin, normal skin, oily skin and sensitive skin. It is very important that you use beauty essentials suitable for your skin type.

Drink lots of water. This is a very common advice given and yet often ignored. Water cleanses the body and eliminates harmful toxins, thus naturally helping the skin glow. It also aids the healthy growth of hair and nails.

Before buying any make up products like foundation or lipstick, always try it on a patch of your skin like the back of your palm. If there is any itchy sensation, redness or any unusual skin tingling, you should skip buying it.

Natural alternatives to the expensive scrubs and face packs include mashed papaya, lemon and honey, almond cereal and milk, oats and milk etc. You’ll be amazed as to how these ingredients, which can be found in your kitchen/household, change your skin’s texture.

Always use natural products for hair care. During hair cleansing, never forget to condition the hair follicles.

If you have dry hair, it is advisable to deep condition your hair once a week at least. Oils like almond oil, coconut oil, olive oil etc. are excellent deep conditioning oils.

Have a healthy diet which includes at least 5 portions of fresh fruit and vegetables. Also include nuts, dairy products, green leafy vegetables and healthy meat (if you are a non-vegetarian). A nourished body will have healthy skin and hair.

Exercise daily. Exercising not only helps you lose that baby fat and prevent it from coming back, but also tones up the muscles. Exercising has been scientifically proved to help in blood circulation, which indirectly affects the health of skin, hair and nails.

Avoid heat styling and overdose of topical application of chemical beauty products. These only provide a temporary effect and relief. Prolonged usage of such techniques may also damage your skin/hair!

Have a healthy sleep routine. Your body generates new cells and cleanses away harmful toxins during your sleep time. So do not ignore that “beauty sleep”.

If you have a very severe case of skin or hair problem, it is always advisable to visit a dermatologist as soon as possible. Never ignore any unusual symptom and always take good care of yourself!

Ramp Up Your Sex Life!

Sex is an integral part of an intimate relationship, and many would argue that its the most important thing for the spark between partners to never go out. Eating healthy can help with keeping the spark alive, its like killing two birds with one stone! Keep on the lookout for these foods and for ways to implement them in your diet.

1. Watermelon

This amino-acid citrulline is a great source of vitamin C and is very rich in nutrients. Consuming it will help blood flow throughout your body while helping your cardiovascular system, and it will also increase your sex drive.

2. Dark Chocolate

Who doesn’t love chocolate?? Now this is just one more reason to treat yourself! Not only is it full of antioxidants that help to keep your body healthy and working correctly, but it also stimulates phenylethyamine in your body which makes you feel like you’re newly in-love all over again!

3. Avocado

This can be a great addition to your salad. It is full of protein and healthy fatty acids that protect against heart diseases, while energizing your body and prolonging your stamina for the bedroom.

4. Pumpkin Seeds

These seeds make a great snack at anytime of the day. They have many antioxidants and stimulate the production of testosterone which is great for men. It also provides your body with Omega-3 fatty acids which are imperative for a healthy and enjoyable sex life!

5. Beans

Can be cooked and used for many different and fun dishes! They are very easy to digest which is great for your digestive system. They are also high in isoflavones which can help prevent cancerous cells and at the same time increase your urge for sex.

These five foods can provide your body with various health benefits, helping you live a rich and abundant life, while also maintaining your intimate relationship alive, radiant and interesting. Share these foods with your partner and make the cooking a fun night-in, which might just afterwards lead into a sexy and enjoyable night in the bedroom!

Intracytoplasmic sperm microinjection artificial insemination

The intracytoplasmic sperm microinjection (ICSI) is a process of fertility assisted that closely resembles the conventional in vitro fertilization or IVF but the difference is that the insemination of the eggs is done by introducing a sperm with a microneedle.

This technique is one type of artificial insemination and much more complex that in vitro fertilization IVF is so much more expensive and more range of effectiveness in special cases.

The procedure in this treatment is similar to in vitro fertilization IVF, but in this case the oocytes are inseminated artificially by introducing a micromanipulator to insert a sperm into each mature egg. Complications that can result in this method are the same as those of conventional IVF.

Intracytoplasmic sperm microinjection is recommended in cases of:

Infertility of male: in cases of men who have Cryptozoospermia, oligozoospermia, asthenozoospermia, azoospermia, teratozoospermia, and oligoasthenoteratozoospermia oligoasthenozoospermia. Also in cases of men who underwent vasectomy or who have an infectious disease, who have frozen semen or who can not get an ejaculation.

Women infertility: ICSI is used in women with a low number of oocytes, oocytes obtained with thickened zona pellucida or have poor quality oocytes.

Pregnancy failures in previous attempts with conventional IVF

Failures in fertilization of the oocytes with conventional IVF

In vitro maturation of cases of immature oocytes

Microinjection of oocytes fertilized with conventional IVF

In cases where you need a preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) because of genetic problems or parents to know that embryos are genetically normal.

In cases of immune infertility by low anti-sperm antibodies and previous failures in artificial insemination cycles, as well as in situations of immune infertility with lots of anti-sperm antibodies.

Here are 5 guidelines for finding a great doctor that connects with you

When it comes to searching for the right doctor to fit both a person’s physical and emotional needs, the process can feel a bit overwhelming. Not only are there numerous physicians to choose from, but there are also multiple specialties to look through. How does a person discern who is the best doctor for them?

Figuring Out Insurance First

Under new Obamacare health reform, personalized healthcare is changing. Many people are seeking out new insurance providers for a variety of reasons. Either their current doctor is no longer under their existing insurance, their rates have changed, or their plans have switched completely.

In seeking out the right doctor, first look into insurance and discover which doctors are covered by your existing plan. Because of insurance changes, this can prove a challenge, so it is important to understand your plan before considering available doctors.

Sifting Through Specialties Second

When deciding on a physician, you can begin narrowing down the search with what kind of treatment you need. Perhaps you are hoping to establish a relationship with a primary care physician and his or her general practice. Or you may have a specific health condition that is pointing you towards a specialist such as an oncologist, podiatrist or a neurologist.

You might also be searching for alternative medicine. This can come from natural based practices such as a naturopathic or homeopathic specialist. Perhaps you are looking for a doctor to focus on your spine or muscles. Chiropractors, osteopaths and even acupuncturists can be very helpful in these situations and help you to avoid surgery. Consider every option in order to have a well-rounded knowledge of what is available and what can best suit your personal medical needs.

Check Credentials

A doctor’s credentials help explain his or her experience and knowledge in the field. Where a doctor performed his or her residency proves one of the most influential factors when it comes to approach and technique. This is because what they learned and how they learned to do it is dependent upon who they interned under.

Insurance companies should have doctor credentials available. Websites like zocdoc also offer credential information. And simply calling the doctor’s office is another great way to learn about a physician’s credentials.

Not all doctors are required to be board certified. However, being board certified means the doctor is an expert in a particular specialty. Passing the boards is not an easy exam. Thus, doctors must achieve a thorough knowledge of their area of expertise in order to be labeled as qualified.

What to Watch for On Your First Visit

One of the best methods for finding a comfortable and knowledgeable doctor is to go ahead and visit their practice for a consultation. When there, pay attention to how the physician interacts with other patients and the staff. Also watch for how nurses and administrative staff treat patients in the front office and with the doctor. If there is a lack of respect and a condescending attitude toward patients, this practice might not be the best option available. Instead, hold out for a quality doctor who demonstrates true care for his or her patients.

Ask These Question

While visiting, have a list of questions prepared to ask both the staff at the practice and the doctor. Great questions include:

How available is the physician? By phone? Email? Appointment only?

How long will it be before a call or email is returned? Does the doctor return the calls, or do staff members?

What is your health philosophy?

Do you ever treat with or consider natural remedies?

Finding a trustworthy physician is not always an easy task, but taking the time to search for one that is a great fit will definitely be worth your while.

5 Great Reasons To Hit The Weight Room

If you want to strengthen your muscles, tone your body, burn calories, and meet other men and women who want to do the same, it is time for you to hit the weight room. You do not necessarily need to go to a gym to lift weights, but gyms tend to have a much better selection of weight machines than the average Joe or Jane.

Lifting weights is not just for those guys who love to pump their muscles to the max. Guys and girls who simply want to be stronger, slim down, and sculpt their bodies just right fit right in the gym with guys that look like Rambo. Here are 5 great reasons to hit the weight room this year:

1. You will lose body fat.

Lifting weights burns calories and when you burn enough calories, you begin to lose body fat. You can also lose body fat doing cardio, so combining cardio and weight training is very helpful in shedding those unwanted pounds.

2. You will gain strength.

When you lift various weights, you are strengthening various muscles. You can acquire stronger arms and legs plus get that six pack stomach you have been dreaming about. If you want to bulk up, you can. If you just want to tone your body, you can. As you consistently weight train, you will certainly notice a difference in your body.

3. You will decrease stress.

Exercise has been known to help individuals decrease stress levels, so as you lift weights, you are ridding your body of toxic stress that can really deplete your energy and state of mind. Chronic stress is actually a big contributor to sicknesses and disease, so be sure that you are consistent in your efforts to exercise. You will notice that as you do, you feel more relaxed and fit.

4. You will look better.

If you engage in weight training and watch your diet, you will eventually notice that your body looks better. You may lose that muffin top around the waist or tone the flab that used to jiggles under your biceps. If you dedicate yourself to working out 4 or 5 times per week, you should be losing some fat and gaining some muscle, which will make you smile when you look at yourself in the mirror.

5. You will release happy chemicals.

When you exercise your body releases endorphins, or what some people like to call “happy chemicals”. When you are pumping some iron in the gym, these chemicals will be flowing throughout your body and you will simply feel happier and lighter. Haven’t you ever done some sort of workout and just felt super good afterwards? If so, that’s the endorphins making you smile!

Hitting the gym to lift weights will do you good. If you do not have the time to head to the gym, you can get some dumbbells or an exercise machine and work out at home. You may even want to grab a workout buddy and get fit together. The most important step is the first one. Commit to getting into shape and strengthening your body today.